15 Minute Magic: Chocolate Amaretti Torte

I planned to make this for Easter at my mom’s house.  I brought all my ingredients with me only to remember once I got there that my mom does not have a food processor.  Rats!  When I got home that night I found out that I forgot my butter, eggs, and heavy whipping cream at my mom’s house.  I felt really bad because the Beau was looking forward to a chocolate dessert since he had given up chocolate for Lent…

And as an aside, Easter at my mom’s house was soo fun!  We have our annual Easter Egg Hunt which is now down to one nephew and two nieces.  We hid 194 plastic eggs filled with candy and money.  190 eggs were found…  We also had our annual Egg Wars.  I made it through the first round but my poor egg got smashed in the second round by my cousin J who ended up being the 2009 Egg War Champion!  We also celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthdays with Red Velvet Cupcakes made by their G’ma (as my niece C would say).

Looking at the P & Q section, it looked like finding the Amaretti di Saronno cookies would be difficult to find.  I ended up buying the Amaretto d’Italia cookies from World Market and ate quite a few of them before I even started the recipe!  I like these cookies!  And I forgot about all the goodies that World Market has so I ended up leaving with not only the Amaretto cookies, but also Ginger Chews and Nutella.  I would have left with much more but Marshall (the quite amazing puppy) was waiting for me in the car and I know he was anxious to get to Daddy’s house.

I love this recipe because of the simplicity and the simplicity yields such a tasty cake!  Being able to use the food processor for all the preparations of this cake made quick work of it, and it may have taken me more than 15 minutes but it was really quick in Lori Ann time.  I couldn’t resist tasting the batter and licking the bowl – it was soo good!  And totally brought me back to when my mom would make cakes and let us lick the batter.  When I think about it, kind of gross since raw eggs are part of the mix, but it’s worth it!

The chocolate glaze – decadent!  Actually it was the first time I glazed a cake – wax paper underneath and pouring the glaze all over the place!  Fun!  And of course, someone needed to lick up that chocolate glaze from the wax paper…  I also made the almond flavored whipped cream.  I love homemade whipped cream because it tastes so much more, um, creamier than store bought which has a kind of plastic feel/taste to it.

Here’s a picture of the whole torte:

The Whole Torte and Nothing But The Whole Torte

The Whole Torte and Nothing But The Whole Torte

I didn’t want to just glob the whipped cream onto the slice of torte so the Beau suggested piping it.  Since I don’t own a piping bag and such, I used one of his snack bags and just snipped the corner.  Here’s a picture of the Beau’s first slice:

Beau's First Slice

Beau's First Slice

The Beau absolutely loved this cake (as evidenced by his request for a second slice)!  I loved it too, similar to a flourless chocolate cake (and it is flourless so I guess it is a flourless chocolate cake…) but the texture was a bit more chewy due to the cookies and almonds.  I would definitely make this again!  I think it would be a great dessert for the end of a dinner party.  The Beau especially liked his with his cup of coffee.

Thank you Holly for the sensational pick!  Visit Holly at Phe/MOM/enon for the recipe and to browse her other entries with phenomenal pictures!  Then head on over to the TWD site and click on each blogger to see how everyone did and what they did!

A special thanks to the Beau for taking my pictures for me – his pictures turn out so much better than mine!

Next week:  Four Star Chocolate Bread Pudding


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