The Chocolate Cream Tart, At Last!

The Naked Chocolate Cream Tart

The Naked Chocolate Cream Tart

Here at last, the missing Chocolate Cream Tart from last week’s Tuesdays with Dorie assignment! 

I made this on Saturday in the beau’s kitchen.  I spend every weekend at the beau’s and if I’m planning on baking there, I have to remember to pack all the necessary equipment.  Unfortunately, last weekend I forgot to pack my hand mixer and so the Chocolate Cream Tart is a naked one.  No whipped cream topping!

The beau was out on a trail ride while I was baking the chocolate crust.  I left it out on the cooling rack and went home to take care of some chores.  I got back a little before he did and upon entering the front door he said that it smelt good, like brownies!  Nope, just the chocolate crust for the tart!

Chocolate Tart that smells like a delicious brownie...

Chocolate Tart that smells like a delicious brownie...

The chocolate cream came together really easily.  Well, I did kind of burn the milk – I turned my back for a few seconds and the next thing I knew, the milk was foaming over the top of the saucepan and all over the stove…  oops.  Okay, other than that, the Chocolate Cream came together really easily!

The Naked Chocolate Cream Tart became our Saturday night dessert.  The beau really enjoyed the Naked Chocolate Cream, but the Chocolate Crust?  Not so much, while I loved the Chocolate Crust and the Naked Chocolate Cream!  The crust was very crumbly and difficult to eat, but still very tasty!  I’d love to make this again, only this time with it’s Whipped Cream topping.

Please visit Kim at Scrumptious Photography for the recipe and to view the most amazing food photos!  And don’t forget to visit the other TWD blogs to see the different variations of Chocolate Cream Tart!

Can’t wait to try the Tartest Lemon Tart next week!


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