Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Tiramisu Cake

Wow, it’s 11:50pm Monday night and I just finished the Tiramisu Cake!  Yay!  Many firsts with this cake.  First time I made a simple syrup, although with Kahlua and instant espresso additions.  First time I used Mascarpone cheese.  First time I used my offset spatula – as you’ll be able to tell from the photo.  First time I made Tiramisu Cake!  Will it be the last time – I’m not sure because the cake is in the refrigerator for the night so all the flavors can meld as recommended by Dorie.  I did taste the Mascarpone cheese filling and the frosting and it was really tasty!  I didn’t think I’d care for it that much with the use of Kahlua, but it’s not a strong taste and the flavor is yummy!

Making the espresso extract and the simple syrup – easy and simple!  When I opened the instant espresso jar I was a little concerned because I was expecting a really strong smell since it’s espresso but there wasn’t much there.  Even the beau commented on that.  Once the boiling water was added, the espresso smell was more pronounced, more so in the simple syrup.

The cake batter went well.  I was planning on picking up 8″ round pans instead of using my 9″ round pans since the consensus on the P&Qs was that the cake layers were thin.  I like thick layers for cakes, but didn’t have time to pick up the 8″ round pans and also trying to keep within a budget…  I had the cake pans cooling on the racks when the beau called out to me, asking me what was burning.  Hmm, not a good sign since nothing had burned!  My cake layers did come out thin, but o, well, doesn’t mean the flavor will be lacking.  I didn’t use all of the simple syrup and had a little left over.  I was afraid that if I used all of the syrup, the cake would get mushy.  I should have realized that the refrigerator time would prevent that from happening.  Next time.

Mascarpone cheese is really easy to whip, even right out of the carton!  Love, love, LOVE the taste of it with the powdered sugar and vanilla!  Yum.  What else can I do with Mascarpone cheese, because I’d love to use it again!  I picked it up from Stater Brothers amazingly and they even had Tiramisu Mascarpone cheese cartons!  I was tempted to use it but didn’t want to take any shortcuts with Dorie’s recipes!

Assembling the cake was the hardest, since as I mentioned before, first time I used my offset spatula!  I definitely need more practice with it!  But it took pity on me and the cake turned out not too shabby for my first attempt!  Instead of dusting it with cocoa powder, I dusted it with more bittersweet chocolate using the microplane.  I can hardly wait to try it out!

A Little Pick Me Up with your Cake?

A Little Pick Me Up with your Cake?

I made the Chocoloate Cream Tart on Saturday – finally!  The beau loved the smell of the crust as it was cooling, but not so much when he ate it!  He loved the Chocolate Cream though and there happens to be a third of the tart left in the refrigerator.  With the addition of the Tiramisu Cake, it’s a bit too sweet around here!  I’m hoping to take the Tiramisu Cake to work.  I just have to figure out how to transport it since I don’t have a cake container…

How it looks inside...

How it looks inside...

Thank you Megan for picking Tiramisu Cake for this week’s TWD!  Visit Megan’s blog My Baking Adventures to see how her Tiramisu Cake turned out and to get the recipe!  And be sure to check the other TWD bakers to see the beautiful pictures and posts for Tiramisu Cake!

Next week:  Tartest Lemon Tart


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  1. It looks like it turned out great. I hope you enjoy it when you taste it!


  2. Many first time, and despite all this seems a success!
    I hope you liked your cake. Thank you for your visit to my blog and great job!


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