Hummus bi Tahine

Hummus bi Tahini with flat bread

Hummus bi Tahini with flat bread

Sunday morning I woke up and after taking Marshall out for his morning walk, started work on the Hummus bi Tahine recipe I found on the Desert Candy website. Please visit Mercedes at Desert Candy for the recipe and other variations that she provided! I could not find any dry chickpeas so had to make do with canned chickpeas. I love Hummus and so does the beau, we always order it as our appetizer when we eat at Rosine’s. I made this as an appetizer for our Mother’s Day dinner.

The recipe is very easy to follow, the only problem I had was finding tahini. They didn’t have it at Stater Brothers or at the Von’s Pavilion although Von’s said they had it on order which still didn’t help me any. I finally found Tahini Sauce at Trader Joe’s. I knew I’d have a little trouble adjusting the recipe with the Tahini Sauce since it already contained garlic and lemon juice.

After boiling the chickpeas, you should skim off any of the skins that may have come off the chickpeas. Well, I’m such a goober, I wanted to make sure all the skins were off in case the addition of the skins would affect the taste of the hummus. HAH! After half an hour I gave up, there’s a lot of chickpeas which means a lot of skins to peel off if they hadn’t come off already.

I topped the Hummus bi Tahini with some great olive oil made at Fresno State college! The beau’s sister gave it to him for a gift and I really wanted to use it on the hummus since it adds a nice flavor addition along with the parsley and paprika.

I’d like to try this recipe again with tahini instead of tahini sauce. I kept having to adjust the amount of lemon juice, salt, and garlic to end up with the final product. Plus I forgot the leftovers at my sister’s house on Sunday!! Of course I remembered to bring home the leftover pita and flat breads. They’re sitting on my kitchen counter, very lonely, looking for some hummus to mingle with!

Up close...

Up close...


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