Raspberry Blanc-Manger

Hee hee - I thought I'd be able to 'pipe' the Raspberry Coulis!  HAH!

Hee hee - I thought I'd be able to 'pipe' the Raspberry Coulis! HAH!

This week Susan of sticky, gooey, creamy, chewy chose Raspberry Blanc-Manger for the TWD bakers to create. Go ahead and checkout Susan’s blog, she just revamped it and it looks awesome!
Since I joined TWD on Saint Patrick’s Day, I’ve baked many new goodies and quite a few that I wasn’t able to even pronounce before. Here’s another one to add to the list. Raspberry Blanc-Manger is pronounced as Raspberry “blah-mahn-jhay”.
Another first for me, first time to use gelatin. I wish I had taken a picture of the gelatin after I added the cold water. After putting them together, it’s suppose to look soft and spongy. I was wondering if I should mix it together but the instructions didn’t say so. After I checked on my milk/almond mixture I looked back at the gelatin and can you believe it – it really was soft and spongy without my having to mix them together! Amazing. After 15 seconds in the microwave it was liquified and ready to be added to the milk/almond mixture.
Another first was using ground almonds. I didn’t have enough almonds to finely ground enough for 3/4 cup so I went to Trader Joes (Thanks to Nancy’s of The Dogs Eat the Crumbs tip in the P&Qs) and bought a bag. Not exactly sure what I’ll do with the rest of the bag – any suggestions?
This was a really easy recipe considering that it was the first time I used gelatin and was a little frazzled about the instruction to boil the milk/almond mixture and ‘Meanwhile, do the gelatin’. I’m not very good at doing things at the same time and tend to stress myself out in the meantime. But this recipe must be very forgiving because I was able to do it without any problems (well, except for forgetting to turn the burner off and wondering why the bottom of my saucepan looked all brown and burnt…).
You very gently fold in the whipped cream with the cooled milk/almond mixture. Well there was nothing gently about my folding. It started out gently enough but it wasn’t getting all mixed up so I ended up man-handling it quite a bit. Same thing when I added the raspberry bits. Speaking of those bits, I was worried that adding the raspberry bits would turn the blanc-manger into a pink-manger instead since the raspberries were so juicy. But it seemed to hold its creamy color. Here’s a picture of it before going into the refrigerator to set:

The blanc-manger with the raspberry bits... and almond flecks I think...

The blanc-manger with the raspberry bits... and almond flecks I think...

And who knew that something so sweet tasting as Raspberry Coulis would be soo simple to make? Just puree some raspberries with some sugar and there you have it. I halved the recipe because I didn’t think we’d use all of the coulis and it was more than enough. The only difficult part is straining the seeds out. Bleah, they look soo creepy when they’re strained.
So the picture in Dorie’s book looks really beautiful. I knew I wouldn’t be able to duplicate it so I had the brilliant idea of piping the coulis so that the raspberries would be centers of flowers. HAH! Um, I guess I should have figured out it’s impossible to pipe liquid. I did the best I could and actually rather like the outcome. I think it would have looked nicer with some of the coulis draping the side but it looked very not pretty (it’s on the side of the picture that you can’t see in the top photo).
Serving it for dessert, I added more coulis – coloring in the circles so that it looks like I intentionally glazed it. It looks so pretty with the red of the raspberry and the creamy color of the blanc-manger sitting on a pretty blue dish.
Looks like a 4th of July dessert!

Looks like a 4th of July dessert!

If you don’t have Dorie’s book, Baking From My Home to Yours, go and buy it now! You too can have this light, flavorful dessert after dinner tonight! Or if you just want to preview one of her recipes, visit Susan at sticky, gooey, creamy, chewy for the recipe. It’s a great treat on a hot summer day!


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13 responses to this post.

  1. Love the piped Raspberry Coulis!!


  2. I like your raspberry design- great color!


  3. This looks absolutely delicious!
    I love your presentation with your raspberry coulis.
    I’m glad yours was a hit too!
    Nice job!


  4. You did a beautiful job – love the coulis!


  5. I love how you decorated it, so pretty. I had used gelatin before, but I don’t think I was as successful as you this time around.


  6. Thought you used gelatin in the coulis also, since it looks so well controlled. Lovely dessert!


  7. Your pattern with the coulis looks nice!

    I think we used ground almonds in the French Yogurt Cake – if you haven’t tried that one, I’d recommend it!


  8. It looks stunning. You picked out the most perfect looking raspberries I’ve seen. Picture perfect. I love the last picture. It looks wonderful.


  9. This is gorgeous! You decorated yours so beautifully. I second Jill’s suggestion for the French Almond Cake…it was amazing, easy and had no butter,


  10. Your blanc-manger is gorgeous!


  11. I actually really like the piped design! It’s abstract art. 🙂 Glad you loved it–I did too! You can use the ground almonds to make french macarons, yum!


  12. Love your Blanc-Manger! It looks just perfect! Well done!

    BTW, the ground almonds can be used in many other things. I love to add some to sweet pie dough, cakes and cookies. Just subtract up to 1/4 cup of flour and add in the same amount of ground almonds. I’ve also mixed it with rolled oats and used it as a topping for crumbles.


  13. I’m a little late getting over here, but your blanc-manger looks GREAT. I love the piped coulis! Great job.


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