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Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie

Yummm, I love it soo much I'm going to marry it!!

Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie soo Yummy I want to marry it!...

Linda of the Tender Crumb selected Dorie’s Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie for the TWD crew to bake for LAST week’s assignment. I procrastinated too long and ended up baking it on Wednesday night – or was it Thursday? I took pictures and again procrastinated in posting about it. Please visit Linda at the Tender Crumb to see how her Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Tartlets turned out and for the recipe. You’ll also get to see a really cute picture of her dog Siena. I’m jealous of Linda’s Tartlets because her graham cracker crust looks perfect!

When I saw that I had to cook the lime cream over simmering water, I was a bit hesitant since I haven’t had much luck with getting creams/custards to 180 degrees. This time I relied on Dorie’s instruction to prepare to stop when the whisk leaves tracks. Amazingly it did and I stopped! After the cooling period, I did a taste test and fell IN LOVE! It tasted sooo delicious, I wanted to marry it! Childish yes, but it tasted that good!

My graham cracker crust did not turn out as well. I used my pie pan which I don’t know the dimension but it was too big because the crust was very thin. But that didn’t matter because the lime cream would save the day!

I poured the lime cream in and circled it with diced mango. It looked a little bizarre since the lime cream didn’t fill up the pie that much. But that didn’t matter because the lime cream would save the day!

I sliced a piece of my Creamiest Lime Cream Meringueless Pie and … got cold feet. The lime cream kind of blobbed out at the edges. It didn’t look pretty, but it’s the inside that counts the most right? Well, his insides collapsed. Boo hoo. I was soo positive that this was the one, but unfortunately, I had to leave him at the altar.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the tastiest Creamiest Lime Cream and I’m sure he’ll turn out perfect for someone, in fact it was probably all me and not him anyways. I didn’t give him 100% since I only used 2 sticks of butter. Yeah, it was me, not him…

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Getting cold feet...

Getting cold feet...


Applesauce Spice Bars

Ooey, Gooey, Deliciousness

Ooey, Gooey, Deliciousness

Well, this is going to be a short post. Yesterday I was given a 6 week notice at work. My first layoff notice in the 19 years I’ve been with the company so I guess you could say I’ve been lucky. But I’d rather have been given this notice years ago when the economy was in a better state…

Karen of Something Sweet selected Applesauce Spice Bars for the TWD bakers to whip up. Please visit Karen at Something Sweet to see her yummy results and for the recipe, because it’s a really good one to try out!

This was another easy recipe which did not require a hand mixer or your Kitchen Aid. We were in Nipomo over the weekend so I didn’t get a chance to bake it until last night and after getting layed (is that the correct term?) off, I didn’t really feel like doing much. I told the Beau that I was going home to bake and then eat it all myself! HAH!

The glaze reminded me of the glaze I used to make for caramel corn. It tastes soo sweet, like caramel! The title of this sweet sounds like it’s good for you in a healthy way but it’s quite deceiving!

I actually ended up baking this and bringing it in to work. My co-workers are going to miss my baking! HAH!

O, I did want to mention the ‘bake and release’ term I used in my last post. A few of my TWD buddies mentioned it and I meant to clarify this in the last post but obviously forgot – it’s Dorie’s philosophy. It was her response to the question of how she stays soo slim while creating and baking so many goodies! So I’m just following her lead!

Next Week: Creamiest Lime Cream Meringue Pie
Last Week: Brownie Buttons

Brownie Buttons

Dressed up Brownie Buttons

Dressed up Brownie Buttons

Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen selected Brownie Buttons for the TWD bakers to try out. Please visit Jayma to see how pretty her Brownie Buttons turned out. Jayma and her husband share the website where she does the baking and he does the cooking – what a great team! You can also get the recipe there or buy The Book – it will be a great investment!

I love recipes that don’t require your KitchenAid, Hand Mixer, Food Processor or Blender. Everything melts together in a sauce pan and then goes straight into your baking pan! What could be simpler? I doubled the recipe to fill my 24 mini-muffin pan. It’s a non-stick pan so I didn’t bother buttering it (although I harbored some doubt as to whether it really would be non-stick or not). After mixing in the flour mixture, the recipe says you should have a smooth, glossy batter. Well, I ended up with a lumpy, glossy batter. I didn’t want to overmix to get the batter smooth, so I went with it. Browsing the P&Qs this week, I took the advice of Judy from Judy’s Gross Eats and filled each mini-muffin with 1 T of brownie button batter. I baked them for 12 minutes, turned off the heat and let them sit in there for another minute. I had a hard time figuring out whether they were baked all the way through or not because the ‘spring back’ test was a little difficult to decipher – especially when it looked like the brownie buttons were bubbling around the edges.

But I needn’t have worried about the non-stick pan – they popped out easily! YAY!

Cooling down...

Cooling down...

I left them on the counter to cool. It was the beau’s birthday on Sunday so we left to go to celebrate his dinner at Marche Moderne. I have been wanting to try this restaurant for ages and I’m so glad we went! It was the last day for their Fashion Plates 4 course dinner for $40. What a bargain! Needless to say, it was a fantastic dinner, I even ate their take on a caprese salad which is amazing since I don’t like to eat tomatoes raw. Here’s a tip our waiter shared with us: when you buy tomatoes, don’t put them in the refrigerator. Leave them out, putting them in the refrigerator saps the flavor out of them. I didn’t know that, not that I would care since I don’t eat raw tomatoes but now maybe I’ll give it a shot since their salad was delicious!

Back to the brownie buttons… they were ready to be glazed with white chocolate by the time we got home. I melted some Nestle’s White Chocolate chips (I couldn’t find white chocolate bars) in the microwave and attempted to leave a swirl on top of the buttons. Didn’t exactly turn out too swirly so I just used the spatula to top them off. They didn’t look very pretty so to cover the ugliness I melted some more bittersweet chocolate and attempted to drizzle it on top of the white chocolate glaze. Some of them had bittersweet chocolate globs on them but overall it looked much prettier! I also added a little of the orange zest on top for color. The beau thought it was nice and sweet. We practiced bake and release, and he released them at work where he said some of the ladies mentioned this not helping them with their diets at all! But they’re button-size, so hopefully it didn’t do too much damage!

When the white chocolate didn't work out... tried to hide it!

When the white chocolate didn't work out... tried to hide it!

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Last Week: Classic Banana Bundt Cake

Classic Banana Bundt Cake

A chocolate-covered banana!

A chocolate-covered banana!

This week Mary, The Food Librarian, selected Classic Banana Bundt Cake for the TWDers to bake. You have to visit Mary’s blog because she has such beautiful photos! And not only do you see delicious baked goodies but you also get a peek at a lot of savory dishes too! Plus, bonus, you get the recipe for Classic Banana Bundt Cake if you don’t have The Book yet.

I thought I had a Bundt pan but couldn’t find one in the cupboards. Then the beau said he found it in my garage when he cleaned it out for me one day. (Is that the best beau or what? Especially if you had seen a picture of my garage before he cleaned it out and organized it…) It was on the top shelf of the cabinet he put in my garage.

I asked him to take it down for me because I was afraid spiders and bugs might have nested in it. I don’t do well with spiders and bugs, obviously. And what do you know; I did have a Bundt pan! And a pretty nice one at that!

This recipe was soo easy – just loved the simplicity of it! I think I’ll need to get bigger bowls because this batter almost was too much for my largest bowl.

I love bananas and boy, did the batter not only smell good – it tasted good too! Amazingly, the majority of the batter made it into the Bundt pan. I baked this at the beau’s house so when I tapped the Bundt pan on the countertop, he kind of scolded me. My Bundt pan is made of cast iron I’m thinking because when I tapped it, it made a pretty loud smack against the countertop. I promised to be more careful and put that pan in the oven.

The batter smelled good, but man, when it was baking in the oven, it smelled even better! I love banana bread but have never had banana bread so was kind of wondering how it would turn out and what the difference would be.

I guess promises were meant to be broken after all because when I flipped the cake after it had cooled for 30 minutes, the pan slipped out of my hands and smacked the countertop again. I had to flash the beau my pearly whites and really promise this time to be more careful and show him there were no gouges in his countertop. =)

Such a beautiful brown, naked, Classic Banana Bundt Cake!

Such a beautiful brown, naked, Classic Banana Bundt Cake!

Instead of putting the lemon glaze on top, I thought I’d go a little wild (HAH!) and try Dorie’s bittersweet chocolate ganache as a glaze instead. I made a half recipe and didn’t even use all of it for the glaze. My glazing skills are a bit non-existent but that’s okay, the extra stuff is good for finger licking…
Looks mighty tasty in there!

Looks mighty tasty in there!

I tried a small slice before going to bed and mmmmmmm. It turns out I love banana Bundt cake too! I think the main difference is that the cake is more moist than the bread. And I hate to admit this, but I think the ganache was overkill. There’s nothing I like better than eating a fresh banana with Hershey’s kisses, but with this cake I think the lemon glaze would have been better or even naked.

My first slice...can't wait for the second one!

My first slice...can't wait for the second one!

I think this would be a great Christmas gift as mini-Bundt cakes! I usually give away mini loaves of banana bread so mini-Bundt cakes would be so much more cuter!

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