Cottage Cheese Puff(less)lets

Not much to look at, but sure packs a flavor punch!

Not much to look at, but sure packs a flavor punch!

This week Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes selected Dorie’s Cottage Cheese Pufflets for the TWD bakers to bake. Definitely visit Jacque’s blog because she’s also a member of Cookie Carnival, Daring Bakers, The Cake Slice, and You Want Pie with That? so you’re sure to see a sweet you’ll want to bake!

Checking out the P&Qs, I found out that this dough would be difficult to work with because it gets soft quite quickly. When I first bought Dorie’s book, this recipe caught my eye because I love cottage cheese. I was disappointed there wasn’t an accompanying photo to go along with the recipe so I used my imagination. (Which didn’t exactly picture this:)
Where's the puffs?

Where's the puffs?

I rolled out a half recipe and yes, it sure was sticky. I thought I’d be clever and used those rubber band things you can put on your rolling pin that helps you to roll out the correct thickness. I put on the yellow bands for the called for 1/8″ thickness. Um, yeah, that worked out well. It seemed like I rolled it way too flat while last week for the flaky apple turnovers, I rolled it too thick. Dough just kills me sometimes (and by that I mean all the times I’ve made dough so far). I used a tape measure to exactly measure out 3×3 inch squares. Poor tape measure now needs to be cleaned since it’s all doughy now too. Crazy dough. That’s what this was. It was too sticky to foldover. I froze it for a while but then I broke it while trying to fold it over. And for being soo sticky, it sure didn’t seal very well at all! I didn’t bother poking steam holes in them since the dough was so stretchy I figured it didn’t need any. It really negated any dough skills I showed last week. Boo bah. I’ll have to try this again in the winter because even though it was a pain in my butt, I loved the taste of it!

The full recipe should make about 48 pufflets. My half recipe made 14, barely. The 14th one is a ball of dough wrapped around some raspberry jam. Well, it’s 11:24pm and I want to post this before Wednesday which is why I’m not taking any more photos either. See you next week! Yee haw. (I don’t know why I added that, I must be super tired…)

Last Week: Flaky Apple Turnovers
Next Week: Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart


9 responses to this post.

  1. Yep these were a royal pain in the butt..but good! I so agree with you!


  2. Yee haw back! Man, you were dedicated, super star! Love that!

    I also read the P&Qs and I thought to myself, this would be better off as phylo cups instead.


  3. Tasted like rugelach to me! Thanks for the visit,
    I too, always wait until Tuesday to bake.


  4. Love all the yummy powdered sugar. Good job on squeezing your post in before the clock struck midnight! I was petrified of working with dough for many years, but I finally got over it last year and now I really like making pies, just takes practice.


  5. Posted by julessomeone on September 23, 2009 at 8:44 pm

    These were totally tough. My other cottage cheese pastry is rugelach. I like it better.


  6. I had a hard with the dough too, but the pufflets was so delicious!
    Yours look lovely. Great job on this challenge!


  7. at least they tasted good!


  8. Well said–a giant pain in the butt, but good! Mine was too sticky, but a little. I floured the counter like crazy to make sure it didn’t stick and I kept doing as others and putting the dough back in the fridge in different stages to rechill it. Interesting recipe! I think you did great–and at least you persevered!


  9. Now we know why there wasn’t a picture in the book! These were tasty but so difficult to work with.


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