MTAOFC: Poulet Roti and Gratin Dauphinois

Otherwise known as Roast Chicken!

Otherwise known as Roast Chicken!

In an unexpected turn of events, I find myself one of the many unemployed today. Today is day 2 of unemployment and I have to say even though it sounds great to not have to go to work in the morning, I feel very weird and a little depressed about it. Hopefully the interview I went on 2 Fridays ago will end up with me being employed, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Until I rejoin the employed, to keep myself occupied, I made a to-do list which includes clearing all of the clutter out of my home. Today will be spent in my bedroom, specifically the closet. Another way to keep myself occupied is to cook new recipes from Julia’s MTAOFC and to perhaps attempt to bake some of Dorie’s many recipes I missed prior to joining TWD.

Sunday I made roast chicken for the very first time. I’ve roasted many a turkey for Thanksgiving but never roasted a chicken. Julia’s recipe is simple enough and the most interesting part of the recipe was turning the chicken from side to side and ending up breast side up during the roasting period. I wish I had taken a picture of the chicken pre-carved because it looked really nice for my first attempt. But I was also cooking up potatoes gratin and sauteed spinach for sides and I should have taken a picture of the kitchen. The Beau is used to my making it quite a mess when I’m cooking/baking more than 1 thing at a time. O, well. I guess I can add that on my list of things to do while unemployed… HAH! I had a difficult time determining when the chicken was done roasting. I went over the time limit stated in the recipe and trying to see if the breast had swelled and the skin puffed was hard since I had pierced the skin while turning the chicken from side to side. But in the end the roast chicken came out fantastic – the breast was soo juicy! I’m afraid the leftover won’t retain the juiciness but should make for a great chicken sandwich.

The gratin dauphinois was fun to make since I got to use my OXO mandoline to make 1/8″ slices of the potatoes. I grated the swiss cheese too early because when it came time to assemble the gratin, the cheese had kind of clumped together so I wasn’t able to nicely sprinkle them evenly all over. Did it matter? Not so much since it all melted in the end anyways. It came out a little al dente which was fine with me, I tend to like crunchiness vs softness in my veggies. The Beau loved it too since he had 2 helpings. I’d like to try this again and maybe mix it up with some different seasonings.

I love a crusty topping!

I love a crusty topping!

Well, it’s 9:17am and I guess I should take a shower and go home to tackle my bedroom. Or not…


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  1. I love your two photos of your MtAofFC post. I have not made that chicken but I will soon as you make it sound easy and delicious. I made the gratin as the guys here are big on potato dishes and they loved it. Yours looks wonderful. I am focusing on sides from the book for the next few weeks as I learned a lot of French main dishes at Whisk Wednesdays and from Julia’s book, I want to do some of the sides to go with them. My favorite thing about the French cooking is all the layers of flavor…amazing that I can do that now! Fun to see your post.


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