Allspice Crumb Muffins

Packed and ready to go to work!

Packed and ready to go to work!

Kayte at Grandma’s Kitchen Table selected this week’s TWD treat – Allspice Crumb Muffins. I really enjoy reading Kayte’s posts because she writes about her family and the events that occur in her life – it’s like she’s letting you become a part of her family. She also has the prettiest pictures of all her goodies! You should see her Allspice Crumb Muffin picture – it looks exactly like the book! How’d she do that? Muffin skills galore!

This was a fairly easy recipe to put together. The only ingredient I was missing was milk. And I thought for sure I’d have to make a special trip to the grocery store last night when I couldn’t find any brown sugar. Fortunately I was at the Beau’s house and he saved the night! He searched his pantry and found a new bag of brown sugar and he informed me that I could use a can of condensed milk in place of whole milk. Wow, who knew? I didn’t but was sure glad the Beau did.

The batter came out very doughy so I was a bit concerned. And there was A LOT of crumble to sprinkle onto 12 muffins. I smashed it all in and what you see at top is what came out. Not pretty to look at but really, really tasty! The Beau really liked it a lot and thought it was one of the better TWD treats I’ve made in a while. HAH – but what about the chocolate tart from last week? He thought it was good but too sweet (although he did eat his fair share of it…). I can’t complain, I loved this muffin! Using the allspice was a treat too since I rarely use much of it, maybe a pinch here or there when baking pumpkin pie.

Don’t forget to visit the TWD blog roll to see how the other bakers fared with their Allspice Crumb Muffins! And seriously, if you haven’t bought the book yet, BUY it now! With the holidays coming up, there are soo many delicious treats just waiting to be baked!

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  1. If you made them with sweet condensed milk… I can imagine the beau thought they were the best you’ve ever made! LOL They must have been fantastic!!! …they look it anyways….


  2. Well, I think they look really good and delightfully tasty. Love hearing everyone’s subs and additions, gives me lots of ideas for the future. Thank you for the wonderful words about my blog…it accidentally became a quasi-food-blog…started out just being newsy bit for friends and family. Who knew? Thanks for baking with me this week…happy they were appreciated there.


  3. Your crumb topping looks great! I was out of milk when I wanted to make these too, but didn’t come up with a creative solution like your beau did. Thanks for the tip on subbing condensed milk!


  4. Your muffins look delicious! I love how you were able to improvise and everyone loved them to boot. very nice =)


  5. VERY nice work!


  6. Your muffins look gorgeous and your crumb topping is perfect!
    Thanks for the info on subbing the condensed milk!


  7. I love the way your toppings turned out! Crumbly and beautifully browned!

    Funny, the hubs inhaled these as well. One of his favorites. 🙂


  8. They look great! My husband really liked these too – I wouldn’t have predicted that they’d be a man-pleaser!


  9. I think your muffins really turned out nice. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this recipe, but I ended up loving these! Great job.


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