Sweet Potato Biscuits

#$#%@#$#!  I rotated this photo so it would display properly only it doesn't!!

#$#%@#$#! I rotated this photo so it would display properly only it doesn't!!

Erin of Prudence Pennywise selected Sweet Potato Biscuits for the TWD Bakers this week. Please visit Erin’s alter-ego Prudy and see how her biscuits turned out and to get the recipe if you haven’t bought Dorie’s book yet (just buy it already!).

My first time baking biscuits and I wondered how I’d fare. The P&Qs mentioned the biscuits didn’t rise much, so I wanted to see if I could circumvent that from happening. Instead of rolling out the dough, which was super soft and a bit sticky for me, I just patted it out with my hands. Not sure if it was patted out to exactly 1/2″, but I didn’t really care – I kind of wanted it thick to help with the rise during the baking. It kind of worked too! This was the last batch which included the last scraps blobbed together to make the last 2 biscuits. And this recipe made 33 biscuits for me using a 2 1/8″ biscuit cutter.

The last batch in the oven with the blobbish leftovers...

The last batch in the oven with the blobish leftovers...

I ate my first one after the 15 minute cool down time since the P&Qs also mentioned they tasted better after being cooled a bit. I wasn’t sure about the texture of the biscuit, I baked them for about 14-15 minutes and it wasn’t very flaky when I ate it but I have to admit, I really liked the flavor of it. Not sure if I’d make it again because of the sticky dough factor, but I just might, I never know.

I’ve been having problems posting comments on other TWD blogs lately. Not sure what the problem is since it seems to happen on both my PC at home and the Beau’s Mac. I’ve tried posting comments on many blogs and it seems to disappear whenever I hit ‘Submit’. I’ll keep trying and hopefully the stars will align once again and my comments will get posted because they were some pretty stupendous comments, I tell you.

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12 responses to this post.

  1. Those must be the highest I’ve seen today! Bravo, very, very well done!


  2. Hey they look good! Im not sure I would make them again either…they didn’t wow me like some biscuits do! Im glad I tried them!


  3. Your biscuits look great! I love the color, and I agree, yours did puff up quite nicely!!!


  4. You should have made them into cupcakes like me! 😉

    I love the color of your biscuits. Nice and orange. Give me some butter and jam and I will call it a day!

    You’re awesome!


  5. Glad you liked the taste. I found the dough sticky as well-totally made a mess!


  6. Well, sideways or not, your biscuits look great!


  7. Your biscuits look nice and fluffy, great job! And bad computer for eating your comments and not letting you post the picture the correct way! My dough was too dry, weird.


  8. How frustrating about leaving the comments. I can’t stand when I can’t tell if my comment has been accepted or not. The biscuits look quite good.


  9. I would say you fared very well! They look great and from the sounds of it they tasted great as well. Win Win! On my blog, I have taken off the word/number thing that you had to punch in to verify, etc., so now just type comment and then hit submit and it disappears but it appears for me….I have blog comment approval in place b/c I have kids who read and I do not want them to stumble upon some spam or something like that. It takes awhile sometimes for me to sit down at computer and do the approvals. Even if you don’t comment on mine, I’m still showing up over here each week! LOL. Love your blog!


  10. Those really look great! I played patty-cake with mine too. No rolling pin. I thought they were pretty good but I like sweet potatoes, pumpkin all that stuff. I used the contents of a 29 oz can no measuring there. I understand there were some questions about the amount of SP. ???? oh well. Thanks so much for stopping by. I got your comment. Guess you figured out the problem?


  11. Those look great.

    Mine were a little flat, but flaky. Ah, well……


  12. These turned out great Laurie!


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