Snickers-Fudge Brownie Torte


Hmm, someone is in DIRE need of piping lessons!

April of Short + Rose picked this week’s TWD sweet, Cherry-Fudge Brownie Torte. Please visit April’s blog to see her creations. You can also get to know her a little here. I like to knit too so it would be nice if I lived a little bit closer so I can join her knitting group! Sounds like a great group and so fun!

I didn’t want to use tart cherries in this dessert because I was making it for my niece’s birthday which is today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYLEY! She’s 12 now. And I’ve never lit liquor on fire and I didn’t want to start here when I was baking at my home alone… So I asked Katrina of Baking and Boys for some ideas, because if you haven’t visited her blog, you’re really missing out on some really fun and fantastic sweets! Her boys are really lucky! Anyways, she gave me a sneak peek of her brownie torte and I loved the addition of caramel and the topping of pecans. I decided to be a copy-cat, but not in an obvious way. I used chopped up Snickers bars (the snack size – since you know, 1 1/4 bars = 100 calories) instead so I wouldn’t have to make any caramel and try to swirl it into the brownie batter and it had peanuts in them! Yay! And THANKS Katrina!


Can you see the Snickers?

I made the mousse and decided to color it orange to go with the Halloween theme. What ever happened to those little plastic bottles of color that came 4 to a pack with the cone caps? I never see those and miss them because I had yellow and red bottles with no cone cap and no way to use drops of color. So I kind of jiggered some in and hoped for the best. I wanted a more dark orange but o, well.


Red and yellow make orange!

In going along with the Halloween them, I wanted to pipe a spider web on top which I was able to do. It’s a little uneven but I figure that’s okay since it’s a spider web after all. I used raspberry jam to pipe the lettering and was going for the blood dripping look and ended up with the blood clot look instead. Yipes. Good thing Bayley’s turning 12 and not 4… I have no idea how this tastes since we’ll be eating it for dessert after dinner tonight. Hopefully I’ll get better pictures too…

Be sure to visit the other TWD Bakers to see how their brownie tortes came out! And don’t forget to buy Dorie’s book if you haven’t already – it’s a treasure chest of desserts I tell you!

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Next Week: Chocolate Caramel Chestnut Cake


14 responses to this post.

  1. Awesome! Thanks for the shout out!
    What a great post. I love your orange coloring. Love the spider web and LOVE that you said the blood dripping turned out to be blog clots. I got a good snicker from it! Ha, Snicker–get it.
    That sounds so good! I’ll bet it’s delicious! Save me a piece! Lucky niece and family at your house!


  2. I love your Snickers combo and the orange Halloween topping. Your piping looks OK to me!


  3. Great decorating job, hope you all enjoyed it! A caramely torte sounds wonderful, great subs.


  4. Snickers sounds like a great addition to a brownie torte! Your decorations look nice! I hope you enjoyed it; I thought this was delicious.


  5. What a lovely cake for a Birthday! I’m sure everyone loved it. Umm, snickers bars – an excellent idea that I would like to copy as an ingredient.


  6. This brownie torte laced with Snickers is so over the top and utterly perfect for a 12th birthday celebration. I bet it’s going to be fantastic and she will love it. I’m sure the blood writing will be a hit too. Nice job.


  7. I like your improvisation! I did think think this torte could get any tastier until I read your post!


  8. Snickers!!! That was inspired. Love that idea!!


  9. How fun! I hope everyone liked it! I thought it was very good!


  10. You did an amazing job with your torte! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  11. yum, I love the idea of adding snickers!


  12. I love snickers, in fact, bought extra for Halloween to have some left to eat. Your cake looks wonderful and I’m sure your niece, Bayley, loved it.


  13. Great job on the lettering. I gave up trying to write on cakes as it always comes out looking like some sort of weird design rather then words.


  14. Wish I had thought of using Snickers instead of cherries. My hubby liked the cherries, but I didn’t care for this. Now, with Snickers? I think I might like that alot!


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