Milk Chocolate Mini-Bundt Cakes

Oh, nooo - remember Mr. Bill??

On the cooling rack, they didn't look very chocolatey in color...

Powdered sugar...

Those air bubbles, not very pretty.

Chocolate gla-nache covers the pretty bundt cake details! Drat!


I can't think of anything else to say about these cakes...

This week Kristin of I’m Right About Everything selected Milk Chocolate Mini-Bundt Cakes. Please visit Kristin and see how her mini-bundt cake turned out (and just your luck – you get the recipe too!).
I don’t own a 6 mini-bundt cake pan but a 4 mini-bundt cake pan. The batter only filled 3 of them. I was tempted to buy a 12 mini-bundt cake pan because they were more serving size. O, well, this way the Beau and I can share one, on 3 separate occasions! HAH!
This was the first time I used the mini-bundt pan and I’m really pleased with the results! I’ll have to buy a can of Pam though. I didn’t have any and used an olive oil mist sprayer instead. I think that’s why the air bubbles showed up, the mist left little blobs of oil all over.
I don’t use corn syrup that often so of course when I wanted to use it, I couldn’t open the bottle! I had to run hot water all over the lid for a while to dissolve the hardened corn syrup around the lid. Still couldn’t open it. So I added a tab of butter to the melted chocolate and was going to add some milk to make a ganache topping when the Beau opened the corn syrup for me! So what I ended up with was gla-nache! There didn’t seem to be enough for all 3 mini-bundts so I dusted them all with powdered sugar. (Which hides a multitude of ugliness…)

Well, we just finished off one of them and we both think it tasted really good. The Beau gave it a 4 out of 5. He didn’t think the powdered sugar was necessary until I told him I used it to hide the ugliness. =)

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Next Week: Rick Katz’s Brownies for Julia


10 responses to this post.

  1. Well don’t these look festive! I agree – confectioner’s sugar is make up for baked goods – it hides everything. But these look wonderful – un-glazed! I’m glad you enjoyed them and made them this week – nicely done!


  2. I’m jealous! Those are absolutely beautiful molds you have… and you used them perfectly! Bravo! very well done!


  3. They look great, and icing sugar really is the best for covering anything up at all! Glad you like them! I made a caramel sauce for mine.


  4. I have that pan, too, but was afraid they would all stick, so I used the simple one, now I have to go back and make them like you, including the powdered sugar part as that is such a nice touch! Very pretty. I had holes all over mine as well, not sure why that was. Great job, very lovely, each one.


  5. I love the pan you used.

    I don’t have mini bundt pans, so I made mine in a muffin tin.


  6. Im glad you liked them..your minis are so cute!


  7. Powdered sugar makes everything better! Those pans are so cute. I want mini-bundt pans, but my kitchen is already cluttered enough thanks to TWD.


  8. They look great with the powdered sugar! I skipped this week, but I’ll be back with the brownies next week!


  9. The powdered sugar looks great! Thanks so much for baking with me this week!


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