Mississippi Mud Cake

Much more like Mississippi Mud Brownie!

This month The Cake Slice bakers chose to bake Mississippi Mud Cake. And this month I was actually able to join the group! And just in time because spring cleaning is in the air for the group! I woke up today at 5:30 am and baked this cake. Talk about last minute! It was easy to put together since you melt the butter with the cocoa powder and then add the rest of the ingredients. I thought perhaps the butter had separated because it seemed like there was an oil pool when I added the rest of the ingredients. I guess it didn’t matter since it all came out well in the end.
Here’s what the brownie/cake looked like after 25 minutes in the oven:

Doesn't it look more like a brownie instead of a cake??

After 2 sticks of butter and 2 cups of sugar and baking in the over for about 25 minutes, you spread 4 cups of mini-marshmallows on top and bake it for 3 more minutes. I baked it for a bit longer… I love burnt marshmallows on my s’mores and I was trying to go for that. Didn’t quite make it, but it’s A LOT of marshmallows:

Wow, would you like some brownie/cake with your marshmallows?

After that you top the marshmallows with the frosting which took a box of powdered sugar, 1 more stick of butter, some evaporated milk and vanilla. Yipes. The frosting didn’t exactly spread, so I kind of smushed it all over. I guess that’s where the ‘Mud’ comes into play with this brownie/cake.

This is the kind of mud I could play in!

The Beau wanted me to get it out of the house ASAP since he didn’t want that much temptation sitting around with just the two of us. As it happened, today was also my Knitting University class so I took it to class with me. The classes are held once a month (just like The Cake Slice) at the knitting store Unwind in Burbank, CA. I don’t know why, but the 2 times I’ve been to class, I’ve left the class feeling quite wound up – the exact opposite of the store’s name! My fellow knitters welcomed the sweet diversion and the Beau was happy that I brought home just enough for us to eat (and for me to take the 1st picture!).
Take a look at the other Cake Slice Bakers blogs to see how their mud cake turned out! You’ll go into a chocolate coma just looking at all the mud brownie/cakes!
Last Cake: Burnt Sugar Cake
Next Cake: Who knows? I will say it’s a toss-up between 2 selections! Stop by next month!


11 responses to this post.

  1. You’re cake/brownie looks so much moister than mine. And yes, i did like a little brownie cake with my marshmallows! 😀


  2. Your cake looks wonderfully fudgy. I’m sure your friends were thrilled to get cake in the morning. Thanks for baking with us this month.


  3. Great job on your challenge and the cake looks really good. Looks like you added way more marshamallows than I did, i looks so gooey!


  4. That looks delicious! I like my marshmallows well done too. The knitting store looks great. I took a look a the photos and saw that they filmed Six Feet Under there. I remember that episode!


  5. Lovely looking cake.. I enjoyed mine too!


  6. I went a little crazy with my marshmellows on my first try with this cake. I did not expect them to puff up as much as they did! Your cake looks great!


  7. If I tried to eat chocolate and knit at the same time, bad things would happen!! Your cake looks great!


  8. Great job on your challenge and it looks great. Unfortunately I didn’t add as much marshmallows onto mine.


  9. great job, love the puffy marshmallows pic! 🙂


  10. This made so much cake and it was so rich! I had to get rid of most of mine too 🙂


  11. This looks so darn tasty! Great blog!


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