Honey-Wheat Cookies

All packed and ready to party!

Sunday was a baking marathon for me. I caught up with TWD by first baking the Honey-Wheat Cookies selected by Michelle of Flour Child. Go ahead and check out her blog and see how her cookies turned out. I love visiting Flour Child. Michelle is amazing, she bakes up all these goodies and works out regularly to boot. I want to be Flourchild when I grow up! In the meantime, this is what you get… Someone who enjoys cooking and baking on an irregular basis (as witnessed by my baking these cookies a week late…) and is fairly sedentary with her workouts (walking Marshall the puppy is about as good as it gets around here).
I wasn’t sure if I’d like these cookies but I wanted to bake them because Michelle picked them. Wheat germ brings back memories of my mom tossing some in our cereal (or mush as we call oatmeal) and those memories are not my favorite. But amazingly, the cookie dough was really sweet and tasty! I was tempted to eat half of it, I couldn’t believe wheat germ was mixed up in there! The baked result did not create the same reaction for me. I like a crunchy cookie and these were soft cookies. I took them to a family dinner at my mom’s house and everyone enjoyed the flavor of them. Thanks for a great pick Michelle! Go to her blog for the recipe and eat the dough – seriously!

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  2. Ahhh your so sweet..don’t believe I have it ALL together, because Im pretty sure I don’t! YOur cookies look amazing, just how there supposed to look..wheat germy and good! Im glad you enjoyed the recipe!


  3. I loved the dough too! I really like crunchy cookies too, but I liked the chewiness of these.


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