Mocha-Almond Blobbed Bundt Cake

With a Chocolate Frosting-ish Icing/Glaze

This week’s TWD selection, Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake, was chosen by Erin of When in Doubt… Leave it at 350. I can’t believe that Erin would ever have a doubt while baking, take a look at this, or this, and this! So I’m guessing she’s offering some pretty good advice for those of us who do have doubts in the kitchen…

Here's a slice of Baby Blob, Bubba Blob was a little too embarrassing to post...

I had left-over almond flour so I used that versus the finely ground walnut. That worked out really well. I LOVED the flavor of the cake batter! Usually I’m so anal that when a recipe says to use half, I measure everything out and use exactly half. This time I was kind of in a rush and the recipe called for a little less than half so I eyeballed it. I found out I’m in dire need of an eye exam… Had I known that the mocha batter would end up being a bit MORE than half I would have reversed it and used the almond batter to swirl. Ok, well, there’s always next time although I’m not sure there will be a next time because the marbling was more like um, blobbing. Not that pretty a sight. I kept swirling the knife around in pretty curves all over the bundt pan, wondering all the while how in the world was the mocha batter suppose to marble into the almond batter? HAH! There were a few slices that looked a teeny bit like the gingko pattern, but the majority was just huge blobs in the middle. It was tasty though! I added some chocolate glaze that kind of turned into a frosting-ish glaze/icing but it didn’t matter since any type of chocolate glaze makes everything good!

This one kind of reminds me of the alien popping out of John Hurt's chest...

Head on over to the TWD Bakers to see how well their marbling came out! I already saw some from last week that looked amazing! Thanks to CB, it’s a lot easier to see which TWD Bakers were able to participate in the baking selection of the week. Soo convenient and a real incentive for all of us to post our entries every Tuesday!
Last Week: Coconut Tea Cake
Next Week: Swedish Visiting Cake


17 responses to this post.

  1. I think your cake looks pretty good. As long as it tastes good, that’s all that matters! Nice job.


  2. I think your cake looks great – and chocolate glaze does make everything good!


  3. Whatcha mean Blobbed? This bindt is perfect! Perfectly marbled on top of it! looks super appetizing with all that rich gooey chocolat glaze! MMMMmmmm…..


  4. Good job! I love TWD! So much to learn.


  5. Looks great to me! 🙂 Especially with the chocolate glaze on top!


  6. I think your cake looks great! I am also terrible at eyeballing and ended up with more chocolate batter than walnut batter.


  7. That chocolate glaze looks to die for! Yum!!


  8. adorable marbling on your cake. Looks delicious!!! I did an almond instead of walnut Bundt too! our look so similar. lol


  9. My eye-balling techniques need a quick refresher course as well 🙂 I ended up with wayyy too much chocolate/coffee dough. Buuuut…… you won’t hear anyone complaining!

    PS. My chocolate ganache was goopy too 🙂


  10. marbling or no marbling- as long as it tastes good!


  11. Yum I think your cake looks perfect! I made muffins!


  12. I think the almond flour was genius, and I’m with you, I thought the batter was amazing – better than the baked cake even! 🙂 Loved your post, you crack me up!


  13. Your cake looks great! I think your photos are really good. I’m kind of a blobber and not a marbler myself. Sigh. But your cake really looks great. Love your interpretations of the pictures in the marbling!


  14. I think your cake looks great. I thought about using almond flour, but went with the walnuts instead. Love the Alien picture. 🙂


  15. Posted by pastrybrush on April 8, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    awww, thanks 🙂
    Your cake looks great. I am glad you like the bundt.


  16. I think your name for the cake is much more creative than the original–you could start a trend! I bet it was delicious. I didn’t get time to bake till Wednesday this week, so didn’t get this made.


  17. This looks like the perfect bundt cake – what Dorie calls the “ginko” pattern I think – minimal marbling. Looks fantastic! I used almond flour (ground sliced almonds) and loved it – your icing looks wonderful too – nice and thick!


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