Sweet Cream Biscuits

My very first biscuits!

Melissa of Love at First Bite chose Sweet Cream Biscuits for the TWD selection today. If you haven’t visited Melissa yet, please do! Her blog contains many recipes, sweet and savory, for all of us to try out! And she even posts weekly menus – how organized is that?? And her sons are just so cute!
I waited until the last minute to bake these biscuits. I had never baked biscuits before, unless you count those ones you pop out of the cardboard rolls, then yeah, I’ve made biscuits before – quite often during college! I was tempted to skip this week, I was staying at the Beau’s house and did not have my rolling pin or cookie cutters with me. I did buy heavy cream so last night I decided to make do since I don’t know what I would have done with the heavy cream otherwise. Here’s what I used for my rolling pin and my biscuit cutter:

Handy kitchen tools!

Who knew that a bottle of cooking sherry and a Japanese tea cup could be such handy tools around the kitchen? I always have a lot of doubts when it comes to using pastry dough. I can never use a gentle touch for pie doughs and I knew biscuits needed a gentle touch or they’d turn out flatter than expected. Yeesh. But I forged ahead. This recipe used heavy cream in place of butter and I relayed this fact to the Beau and I have to admit I think my tone was kind of know-it-all since I had never made biscuits before (you know, not out of the cardboard container). We add 1 cup of heavy cream to the dry ingredients, use a fork to toss it around and add up to 1/4 cup more of the heavy cream by the teaspoonfuls. I kept adding the teaspoons and I think after the 6th one I forced myself to stop. How many teaspoons in a 1/4 cup? I didn’t have time to google it. I never baked bread before either (the kind that you have to knead) so wasn’t exactly sure what kneading was. I just kind of squished all the dough together because it wasn’t in a single blob. Squished it until it was a single blob then rolled it out with my handy-dandy bottle of cooking sherry. I went a little thinner than 1/2″ because I ended up with at least 18 biscuits. The last biscuit I just mashed all the scraps together. You can see it in the lower left corner:

Not bad for my first attempt, if I do say so myself - and I just did!

Since the biscuits were thinner, I was worried about the timing for the baking. I set the timer for 12 minutes instead of 14. When the timer went off, I checked the biscuits and was soo relieved to see that they had risen! Amazing. But I wasn’t sure if they were baked through or not so I asked the Beau – are these done?

Not exactly golden yet...

He said ‘Nope, they need to be golden on top’. Hey – how did he know that? I knew Dorie said that but still needed some validation. Back in the oven they went for another 2 minutes when they were indeed golden! We had some for dinner and it was the best tasting biscuits I’ve ever eaten ever! Not that I’m biased or anything…
You can get the recipe from Melissa here. Melissa’s biscuits turned out wonderful – so high and they look like they want to tell you a secret! And don’t forget to browse through the TWD Bakers to see how all of the Sweet Cream Biscuits turned out!

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13 responses to this post.

  1. What is that saying about necessity being the mother of invention…looks like you put that to use in full force with amazing results. They look perfect from here!


  2. I used to use coffee cups and bottles to roll out cookies or biscuits 🙂 Glad to see that I’m not the only one!


  3. great job! they look yummy.


  4. You should be very proud! Your first attempt at biscuits was a roaring success! They look perfect. Love your rolling pin and biscuit cutter. 🙂


  5. Lovely job on your firsts! 🙂 They look so yummy!


  6. Yipeee for the best tasting biscuits ever! Im so glad you loved them. We did too..so so tasty!!


  7. Sounds like a huge success!! Mine didn’t rise very high, but they were still yummy.


  8. They look fantastic for your first (not from a tube) biscuits! I really like your definition of kneading, and it worked! Oh, and 1/4 cup = 12 teaspoons. 😛


  9. They look great! You did a good job with your makeshift kitchen equipment!


  10. Yay for successful biscuits! Good for you.


  11. These look like the perfect biscuit! I liked these too much 😉


  12. haha love your makeshift biscuit tools! yours look great!

    i loved this recipe and will make them again soon!


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