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Apple-Apple Bread Pudding

Apple-Apple Bread Pudding... heavy sigh

This week’s TWD selection is Apple-Apple Bread Pudding. Bread Pudding and I do not go well together. Exhibit A. I really did not want to bake this one. But I’m a big fan of Elizabeth of Cake or Death who is the hostess for this week. She has the most fabulous blog and I just LOVE all of her creations. She always manages to add a special touch to make the treat look extra special and elegant.
So I went ahead and made the Apple-Apple Bread Pudding. Because I ❤ Elizabeth that much. Plus EVERYONE absolutely raved about it on the P&Qs. Stater Bros did not have Brioche or Challah bread (what a surprise). So I bought a loaf of Hawaiian Sweet Bread. YAY! Amazingly Stater Bros did have Apple Butter. Interesting stuff. I baked this at the Beau’s house and the only roasting pan he had was too small for the 9×13 pyrex. He had a larger one which I ended up using. Unfortunately, the pyrex pan just barely fit in it and the sides were super deep. I wasn’t able to take it out of the roasting pan to cool on the rack until much later.

Just a tad soggy...

I have to say that I was HOPING this would turn out as good as everyone said it did. It sure smelled scrumptious when it came out of the oven. And I should have taken a picture of it right out of the oven because it looked so beautifully puffy and inviting. But I was too embarrassed about the roasting pan sitch. The Beau was not interested in trying it. I tried a piece of it and was disappointed. I couldn’t exactly cut a slice out. Which is dumb of me I guess since bread pudding kind of implies a pudding-like consistency. I thought perhaps the water from the water bath had somehow leaked it which is why it came out soo soggy. Is it suppose to be soggy? I did like the taste of the caramel apples but not enough to make me bake this again. I’m going to end my relationship with Bread Pudding. It’s totally not the Apple-Apple Bread Pudding, it’s me. That’s right, it’s not Apple-Apple Bread Pudding, it’s me. And I mean that sincerely. Really.

Apple-Apple Bread Pudding, it's time we have a serious talk about our relationship...

Now go visit Elizabeth and be amazed! And get the recipe if you’re in a good relationship with Bread Pudding. Check out the other TWD Bakers who have good relationships too…

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Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

At 4:00am, it's still soft serve. Can't wait to get home from work today!!

Who: Becky Olsen of Project Domestication
What: Burnt Sugar
Where: TWD
Why: P&Qs
Result: Ho-ly Cow! So far I haven’t had any luck with egg-based ice creams. They end up tasting filmy. I can’t say for certain if my luck has changed because I haven’t tasted the final product yet, but in the interim, it was TOTALLY delicious! I can still smell the burnt sugar in the kitchen, mmmm. I still have another cup of heavy cream left. I want to make this again with the leftover cream, but first someone will have to eat all of the burnt sugar ice cream. Hmmm, I suppose I can help out…

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1 cup of sugar with 3 T of water

Burnt sugar!

I couldn't get a picture of the lava that erupted when the cream and milk hit the burnt sugar!

I was thoroughly amazed that the caramel lumps actually melted...

It's past my bedtime, but it's still churning...