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Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

At 4:00am, it's still soft serve. Can't wait to get home from work today!!

Who: Becky Olsen of Project Domestication
What: Burnt Sugar
Where: TWD
Why: P&Qs
Result: Ho-ly Cow! So far I haven’t had any luck with egg-based ice creams. They end up tasting filmy. I can’t say for certain if my luck has changed because I haven’t tasted the final product yet, but in the interim, it was TOTALLY delicious! I can still smell the burnt sugar in the kitchen, mmmm. I still have another cup of heavy cream left. I want to make this again with the leftover cream, but first someone will have to eat all of the burnt sugar ice cream. Hmmm, I suppose I can help out…

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1 cup of sugar with 3 T of water

Burnt sugar!

I couldn't get a picture of the lava that erupted when the cream and milk hit the burnt sugar!

I was thoroughly amazed that the caramel lumps actually melted...

It's past my bedtime, but it's still churning...