Come As You Are Chocolate Loaf Cake

Come As You Are instead of Dressy... oops...

Such creamy goodness!

The egg looks soo cute - all nestled up and hiding out!

And I even used a tape measure! HAH!

Amy Ruth of Amy Ruth Bakes selected the Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake for the TWD Bakers this week. Ahem, last week Tuesday actually… oops. It sounded choctastic! Loving chocolate as I do, I had to bake it – eventually. I even added the raspberry jam in the layers. Well, it was spreadable fruit. After bringing it to a boil with the water, it was more like drinkable fruit. I baked the cake late Friday. Let it cool and wrapped it up and stuck it in the refrigerator so I could frost it the next day. Well, when I took it out of the refrigerator the next day, it had turned into a chocolate brick. I was bringing it to my knitting class and was wondering if I’d even be able to slice through it. Well I was and the frosting was fantabulous! I love the look of it when it’s still warm – all glossy and shiny! It really did make it look dressy, or in my case, dressier. I wrapped some foil around the dish, threw it in my car and drove off. Not too much later, I was back in the driveway with cake, frosting, and drinkable raspberry spread all over my front seat and over my cell phone. Nice. No chocolate treat for the knitters. Check out Amy Ruth’s loaf – now that looks Dressy! You can even pick up a copy of the recipe there too! And don’t forget to browse the other TWD Bakers to see how appropriately dressed their chocolate loaf cakes turned out!


4 responses to this post.

  1. thanks so much for baking along this week. I am so sorry for your mishap especially after baking. Woops
    Maybe another day, right?


  2. That chocolate loaf was a big hit here last week…with the guys that is, this week was a big hit with me without the chocolate…yahoo! Your cake looks lovely and elegant.


  3. Oh no! I guess the dressy loaf cake doesn’t like to go out for a night on the town. You should make the rum-soaked vanilla cake – I think it could travel.


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