Lots of Ways Banana Cake

Chocolate and Bananas, one of my favorite combos!

Kimberly of Only Creative Opportunities picked this week’s (last Tuesday) TWD delectable – Lots of Ways Banana Cake. Lots of ways because you can sub ingredients with what you have on hand or with whatever your stomach desires! It calls for coconut milk, but you could sub it with buttermilk, it also calls for coconut but you can sub it with any other dried fruit or chocolate chips like me! You have to head over to Kimberly’s and literally see Lots of Ways Banana Cake! (You can also get the recipe too – lucky you!)

I inverted the cake back into the pan for frosting but mostly for convenient transportation to my knitting class!

Dorie's chocolate ganache frosting is sooo luscious!

The leftovers from knitting class did not last long!

I baked this two Friday nights ago and took it to my knitting class last Saturday. I always feel a little leery about bringing goodies to knitting class, especially today with chocolate ganache frosting. I had to put my white yarn away in my bag… It seemed to be a hit so this is a keeper! Which is a good thing since I still have more coconut milk from the can that I bought…
Wow, I’m almost caught up with this month and it’s the last day of the month – figures. I have the ingredients for the Chewy Chunky Blondies but I probably won’t be able to bake them until tomorrow.
Go check out the TWD Bakers to see the Lots of Ways Banana Cakes they came up with! You can also see the lots of ways they made the Chewy, Chunky Blondies!

(Why do I bother with the listing below these days??)
Next Week (Last Tuesday): Chewy, Chunky Blondies
Last Week (2 Fridays ago actually): Lots of Ways Banana Cake


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  1. It looks fabulous with the chocolate frosting!


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