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(Raisin) Swirl Bread

Cinnamon, not Raisin, Swirl Bread!

Susan of selected this week’s TWD treat. Visit Susan to see her fabulous rendition of Raisin Swirl Bread. Her Cinnamon Toast looks super delicious! I LOVE LOVE LOVE cinnamon so this was a real treat for me. Although I have to admit, I was hesistant since I’ve never baked bread before. Thanks for a fantastic, flavorful pick Susan! Get the recipe here and make your own fabulous (Raisin) Swirl Bread!
I’m super tired, so a short post with pictures. Don’t forget to visit the TWD Bakers to see how their (Raisin) Swirl Bread turned out!

After the rest in the refrigerator, the bread pooped a bit out of one end...

The handy bottle of Sherry came in handy once again!

There is no such thing as too much cinnamon...

My attempt at 'snugly' rolling the bread...

I had to measure the loaf pan because I thought it was too small!

Soo shiny with the melted butter brushed on!

I thought I blew it when I saw the cinnamon 'crack'...


Mocha-Almond Blobbed Bundt Cake

With a Chocolate Frosting-ish Icing/Glaze

This week’s TWD selection, Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake, was chosen by Erin of When in Doubt… Leave it at 350. I can’t believe that Erin would ever have a doubt while baking, take a look at this, or this, and this! So I’m guessing she’s offering some pretty good advice for those of us who do have doubts in the kitchen…

Here's a slice of Baby Blob, Bubba Blob was a little too embarrassing to post...

I had left-over almond flour so I used that versus the finely ground walnut. That worked out really well. I LOVED the flavor of the cake batter! Usually I’m so anal that when a recipe says to use half, I measure everything out and use exactly half. This time I was kind of in a rush and the recipe called for a little less than half so I eyeballed it. I found out I’m in dire need of an eye exam… Had I known that the mocha batter would end up being a bit MORE than half I would have reversed it and used the almond batter to swirl. Ok, well, there’s always next time although I’m not sure there will be a next time because the marbling was more like um, blobbing. Not that pretty a sight. I kept swirling the knife around in pretty curves all over the bundt pan, wondering all the while how in the world was the mocha batter suppose to marble into the almond batter? HAH! There were a few slices that looked a teeny bit like the gingko pattern, but the majority was just huge blobs in the middle. It was tasty though! I added some chocolate glaze that kind of turned into a frosting-ish glaze/icing but it didn’t matter since any type of chocolate glaze makes everything good!

This one kind of reminds me of the alien popping out of John Hurt's chest...

Head on over to the TWD Bakers to see how well their marbling came out! I already saw some from last week that looked amazing! Thanks to CB, it’s a lot easier to see which TWD Bakers were able to participate in the baking selection of the week. Soo convenient and a real incentive for all of us to post our entries every Tuesday!
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MTAOFC Reine de Saba

Happy Birthday Jamie, Wes, and Auntie Betty!

Unfortunately I took crappy pictures of the Reine de Saba (not of my family) so you can’t see how chocolate-y delicious it looks. My mom asked me to bake a birthday cake for Sunday’s family dinner and I wanted to try one of Julia’s cakes. It was fairly easy to bake. It was the first time I used pulverized almonds and now I have extra pulverized almonds that I’m trying very hard not to stuff down my mouth (you pulverize almonds with sugar…). The recipe cracks me up though. Julia’s pretty funny with her instructions. You whip the egg whites and gently fold them into the chocolate mixture. You actually fold the whipped egg whites a little at a time alternating with some of the dry ingredients, but while you gently fold in the egg whites you have to rapidly alternate with the dry ingredients. Rapidly but gently. HAH!
Too bad I didn’t have any rum because this cake also called for some rum to be added to the mix. I used instant espresso instead.
Well, it’s almost 8pm and I’m exhausted. I had to get these posts in tonight before I pass out because I’m trying really hard to keep up. Although I was late with the Honey-Wheat cookies… oops.
Good Night All! (Am I really going to bed before 8pm??? Yeesh)

The best picture of the bunch...

Where's my niece Chelsea with her camera??

Toasted Coconut Custard Tart

Luscious, isn't it? And a little blurry...

Next up after the Honey Wheat Cookies on Sunday, Beryl of Cinemon Girl’s Toasted Coconut Custard Tart selection this week for the TWD Bakers. Visit Beryl and see how fabulous her Toasted Coconut Custard Tart turned out! You can also get the recipe there too, lucky for you.
Tarts are always a challenge for me. I have a really hard time with Dorie’s instruction to ‘gently’ press the dough around the tart pan. I have a heavy hand so there’s no sign of gentleness while pressing the dough in the tart pan. O, well, it baked well at least!

Firmly pressed tart dough...

Then there’s the custard part. I ended up scalding the milk and had to strain it before using it for the custard. It was pretty foamy. I had a hard time trying to figure out if it was boiling until all of a sudden it turned into custard and I had to frantically take the saucepan off the heat and add the vanilla to it. No rum around unfortunately. The coconut was to be lightly toasted. I actually ended up with semi-burnt coconut. Oops, it added some color though. Not a pretty color but color nonetheless.

I can't believe it's not butter! (hee hee!)

The easiest part of this tart was whipping up the cream. YAY! Okay done with the TWD goodie for the week. Took it to the family dinner on Sunday also. It was all gone after dessert was served. I didn’t try it in it’s final form, I tried the custard and liked it even though I don’t like coconut. My sister Karole doesn’t like coconut either but ate her share and loved it!
One more post to go from the Sunday baking day and it’s not from TWD.

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Honey-Wheat Cookies

All packed and ready to party!

Sunday was a baking marathon for me. I caught up with TWD by first baking the Honey-Wheat Cookies selected by Michelle of Flour Child. Go ahead and check out her blog and see how her cookies turned out. I love visiting Flour Child. Michelle is amazing, she bakes up all these goodies and works out regularly to boot. I want to be Flourchild when I grow up! In the meantime, this is what you get… Someone who enjoys cooking and baking on an irregular basis (as witnessed by my baking these cookies a week late…) and is fairly sedentary with her workouts (walking Marshall the puppy is about as good as it gets around here).
I wasn’t sure if I’d like these cookies but I wanted to bake them because Michelle picked them. Wheat germ brings back memories of my mom tossing some in our cereal (or mush as we call oatmeal) and those memories are not my favorite. But amazingly, the cookie dough was really sweet and tasty! I was tempted to eat half of it, I couldn’t believe wheat germ was mixed up in there! The baked result did not create the same reaction for me. I like a crunchy cookie and these were soft cookies. I took them to a family dinner at my mom’s house and everyone enjoyed the flavor of them. Thanks for a great pick Michelle! Go to her blog for the recipe and eat the dough – seriously!

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Snickers-Fudge Brownie Torte


Hmm, someone is in DIRE need of piping lessons!

April of Short + Rose picked this week’s TWD sweet, Cherry-Fudge Brownie Torte. Please visit April’s blog to see her creations. You can also get to know her a little here. I like to knit too so it would be nice if I lived a little bit closer so I can join her knitting group! Sounds like a great group and so fun!

I didn’t want to use tart cherries in this dessert because I was making it for my niece’s birthday which is today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAYLEY! She’s 12 now. And I’ve never lit liquor on fire and I didn’t want to start here when I was baking at my home alone… So I asked Katrina of Baking and Boys for some ideas, because if you haven’t visited her blog, you’re really missing out on some really fun and fantastic sweets! Her boys are really lucky! Anyways, she gave me a sneak peek of her brownie torte and I loved the addition of caramel and the topping of pecans. I decided to be a copy-cat, but not in an obvious way. I used chopped up Snickers bars (the snack size – since you know, 1 1/4 bars = 100 calories) instead so I wouldn’t have to make any caramel and try to swirl it into the brownie batter and it had peanuts in them! Yay! And THANKS Katrina!


Can you see the Snickers?

I made the mousse and decided to color it orange to go with the Halloween theme. What ever happened to those little plastic bottles of color that came 4 to a pack with the cone caps? I never see those and miss them because I had yellow and red bottles with no cone cap and no way to use drops of color. So I kind of jiggered some in and hoped for the best. I wanted a more dark orange but o, well.


Red and yellow make orange!

In going along with the Halloween them, I wanted to pipe a spider web on top which I was able to do. It’s a little uneven but I figure that’s okay since it’s a spider web after all. I used raspberry jam to pipe the lettering and was going for the blood dripping look and ended up with the blood clot look instead. Yipes. Good thing Bayley’s turning 12 and not 4… I have no idea how this tastes since we’ll be eating it for dessert after dinner tonight. Hopefully I’ll get better pictures too…

Be sure to visit the other TWD Bakers to see how their brownie tortes came out! And don’t forget to buy Dorie’s book if you haven’t already – it’s a treasure chest of desserts I tell you!

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Cottage Cheese Puff(less)lets

Not much to look at, but sure packs a flavor punch!

Not much to look at, but sure packs a flavor punch!

This week Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes selected Dorie’s Cottage Cheese Pufflets for the TWD bakers to bake. Definitely visit Jacque’s blog because she’s also a member of Cookie Carnival, Daring Bakers, The Cake Slice, and You Want Pie with That? so you’re sure to see a sweet you’ll want to bake!

Checking out the P&Qs, I found out that this dough would be difficult to work with because it gets soft quite quickly. When I first bought Dorie’s book, this recipe caught my eye because I love cottage cheese. I was disappointed there wasn’t an accompanying photo to go along with the recipe so I used my imagination. (Which didn’t exactly picture this:)
Where's the puffs?

Where's the puffs?

I rolled out a half recipe and yes, it sure was sticky. I thought I’d be clever and used those rubber band things you can put on your rolling pin that helps you to roll out the correct thickness. I put on the yellow bands for the called for 1/8″ thickness. Um, yeah, that worked out well. It seemed like I rolled it way too flat while last week for the flaky apple turnovers, I rolled it too thick. Dough just kills me sometimes (and by that I mean all the times I’ve made dough so far). I used a tape measure to exactly measure out 3×3 inch squares. Poor tape measure now needs to be cleaned since it’s all doughy now too. Crazy dough. That’s what this was. It was too sticky to foldover. I froze it for a while but then I broke it while trying to fold it over. And for being soo sticky, it sure didn’t seal very well at all! I didn’t bother poking steam holes in them since the dough was so stretchy I figured it didn’t need any. It really negated any dough skills I showed last week. Boo bah. I’ll have to try this again in the winter because even though it was a pain in my butt, I loved the taste of it!

The full recipe should make about 48 pufflets. My half recipe made 14, barely. The 14th one is a ball of dough wrapped around some raspberry jam. Well, it’s 11:24pm and I want to post this before Wednesday which is why I’m not taking any more photos either. See you next week! Yee haw. (I don’t know why I added that, I must be super tired…)

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